Get 1 FREE Back-to-School Protractor Guaranteed

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These protractors are high quality, durable, accurate, and FREE. That's right! We give away a bunch of protractors every single week, shipping included. Some companies spend their marketing dollars in advertising, we like to give away stuff. It's how we do it! There are 2 WAYS to get a FREE protractor. With the first option, you get it for sure. With the second option, you enter to win. Info below.


Option 1

Post something about us somewhere online. You will receive a protractor within 3-5 business days 100% guaranteed. FREE with shipping included.

Step 1

Just write a legitimate and helpful comment about us somewhere where people can read it. It could be Facebook, Twitter, or whatever you use. It could also be in a forum, public wiki, school website, or personal webpage. It could be anywhere where you think people will see it, including popular blogs. At the bottom of most blogs there is usually space for comments and replies. You can sign-up and post your comment or reply about us there. But remember, your comment must be relevant to the topic being discussed in order for it to be helpful for others.

Step 2

If needed, click here to copy our link.

Step 3

Submit the QuickForm for Option 1 and you're done. For doing that, we will send you a protractor delivered to your door within 3-5 business days guaranteed, 100% FREE, shipping included. 


Option 2

Just enter to win

With this option you do NOT need to take your wallet out, create an account, answer a survey, try anything, mail anything, download anything, or do anything weird. You don't even need to be a past customer. If you want to do something awesome, comment about us or about this free online giveaway on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or whatever you use. We thank you immensely.

Small print: The odds of winning a protractor here depend solely on the number of entries submitted. You may enter to win once a week. Winners are selected by random drawing and are notified by e-mail. Void where prohibited by law.