Students With a GPA Equal to or Greater Than a 3.0

Can borrow a Texas Instruments graphing calculator for 6 months absolutely FREE


These TI graphing calculators were rentals that got scratched or have more dings than usual, but are fully functional. 

Currently, we only have 2,700 calculators designated to this area so loaners are usually out of stock, but it's worth the shot. We get about a dozen borrowed returned calculators every week. 

Just fill out the quick form and we'll let you know if there's one available for you within 1 business day. If there is one available, you will need to submit a scan/picture of your transcripts or letter from the administration office stating your GPA (grade point average) and a valid identification such as school ID.

You'll pay NO deposit, NO sales tax, get FREE shipping, receive a back-to-school gift, and have your order delivered relatively FAST at no extra cost. It's our way of saying "Keep up the good work!" Here, we make our money from the people who keep it longer than 6 months. That's it.


Plans are in the works to increase the number of graphing calculators in this area. Our mission is to put a TI graphing calculator in the hands of good students who cannot afford to buy one. And so far, we're doing a pretty good job. Thanks to the school districts and just about everyone who has contributed inventory, money, talent, contacts, time, and the slightest of efforts, we stand strong. On the rental side, we discounted the monthly rates heftily and began offering the first month absolutely free. On the borrowing side, we lend more calculators to needing students than any other company or academic institution that we know of. So, we want to thank you on behalf of everyone who benefits. If you want to give us a hand, consider donating your working or non-working calculator/s. If they're rentable we put them to good use. If they're not, we use them for parts or sell them and buy inventory with the proceeds. Please send them to the address below. You can also click the PayPal button below to donate any amount your heart desires or send a check for a million $$$ or $5, $10, or $20 whatever is good for you (payable to Rentacalc) If you're just here to borrow a calculator, all well, we hope we have one available for you. Don't forget to fill out the quickform. And good luck with your classes!

PO BOX #906